ashl_y (concreteaviator) wrote in novelnovelchunk,

Escape Artist 101.

I stood with my arms stretched outward and began to turn circles on the grass. This was the way I'd felt for a long time, like the Earth was spinning in repetitive rotations. I often wondered what it would have felt like had the Earth stopped abruptly and ruined the mere thought of gravity. Gravity had a way of keeping me down, no pun intended. I felt like a fairychild hoping for some better escape, some greater existence. All I'd ever achieved, though, was escaping and pushing others away. Some came back, others tried to stay, but once you pushed...they never got as close. I didn't mind it much, to be quite honest, I liked being alone. I think it might have been a curse...having no one around. Everyone was disposable and temporary in my eyes.
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