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August to March

It was the best day I'd ever had, when I walked from the bus stop and into my driveway only to stop and stare at the beat up old Ford sitting there idling. I slid my heavy backpack off my shoulder, prepared to use it as a weapon if necessary, but I dropped it once I saw who was getting out of the car.
"Shawn," I gasped jubilantly, bouncing off his belly but retained by his arms around my back. My cousin picked me up and swung me around, setting me down in front of his wife, who caught me as I stumbled dizzily and mumbled, "Christine!" I hugged the red-head tightly, letting her squish me into a little Sara-shaped rag doll.
Together, with me comfortable situated between them in the front seat, they drove around my little no-name town for an hour, seeing what there was to do. I didn't care that there wasn't anything to see- I was just happy to be there with them.
Four years ago, that was, when we were all happy living in Pennsylvanian suburbia. Now, I see Shawn when he gets off the boat every five months and comes to visit with his Scottish girlfriend Susan, but I never see Christine anymore, because she's living with her Mom in Long Island and hasn't talked to Shawn since he first started working a year ago.
I miss them.
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