Tory (bootsinrain) wrote in novelnovelchunk,

What is the opposite of analytical? I can't think of it. Synonyms I can think of: Reasonable, rational, critical or even maybe thoughtful. Name just one. No. I can't think of it. Oh yes: emotional? But that isn't right either. People can be analytical and have emotions, be emotional and at the same time analytical. The thesaurus doesn't help: "chaotic, uninterested, illogical, irrational, disorganized, illogical, synthetical, unsystematic." None of these are right. My thought is that the thesaurus was written by analytical people. Biased, coldly analytical people. Because what I'm doing is trying to describe someone close to me. Someone whose position I can't reveal, and also, seemingly, cannot describe. She (let us, randomly, choose this sex to represent this person; why not?) is the opposite of analytical. But does that mean she is "uninterested?" What is she uninterested in? Analysis? That may be true by some part of the way. But that is still not the opposite of analytical, that is still not her. Is she irrational? No, she does not walk in front of cars. She does not chose to make decisions any more irrational than I who, far more analytic than she, choses to knowingly, irrationally smoke many cigarettes every day. Is she unsystematic? Who is systematic? A computer. A factory machine, the weather. Compared to them, no human is systematic. How can I not describe her in terms of negatives?
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