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Lucid Loquacity

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The Art of the Folded Napkins [Jun. 17th, 2005|10:44 pm]
Lucid Loquacity


My grandparents took us out to a nice fancy (expensive) restaurant for dinner, but the problem with these types of restaurants is that they don't have what we mere humans call "food", they have "cuisine".
"Cuisine" does not equal "food".
And for some reason, it seems like a good idea for the majority of the menu to be written in cuisin-ese (also known as French), which renders it quite impossible to understand and to subsequently order food that I like to think of as edible.
I ended up with a salad, which I thought was perfectly safe. It was the only thing I understood all the ingridients of on the menu! How can you go wrong with "hearts of romaine" and "aged parmesan"? I know what both of those items are- lettuce and cheese. Simple enough...but wrong! It also had spicy dressing and cold chicken.
See? "Food" does not equal "cuisine", because this definitely was not edible.
I do not understand the restaurant industry- excuse me, the "Culinary Arts".

[User Picture]From: concreteaviator
2005-06-18 04:31 am (UTC)
Oh does this have potential!!!
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