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For truly novel novel chunks

Lucid Loquacity
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What started as a game between two silly girls who stayed up too late one night (see: novelnovelbits) has now spawned a sister community named novelnovelchunk. The rules of the game are as following:

1. Unlike novelnovelbits, the limit on your fake novel excerpt is now 10 sentences long. This changes the format completely--use it to your advantage. You have a lot more room to maneuver now, and to control the tonality of your writing--or even to play tricks of perception on the reader, if you want. Use the extra space wisely.
2. Everyone can write, even the new or unexperienced. After all, that's the point of this community: to help you learn how to write, and get better acquainted with your words. All types of writing are accepted, just as long as they meet (and do not exceed) the 10-sentence requirement. Also, you can post as many times as you want (the more the merrier)!
4. Plagiarism is NOT ACCEPTABLE. No one learned anything by posting the material of other writers. Remember, this community is designed to help you free up your creativity, so start using them head-noodles!
5. And, as always, have fun!

amplimax started, owns, and maintains this community. Should you have any questions, feel free to email him at amplimax@hotmail.com . aquilinum, the maintainer of novelnovelbits, also has some moderator's powers here at novelnovelchunk. She may be reached at platyfrog@gmail.com . Fear the wrath of both individuals. It's all fun and games until the literary dorks start smiting LiveJournal users...